Using Your Troops, Resources And Options Strategically In Boom Beach

Boom Beach Tricks

Right from the beginning, in order to take the islands by storm and clinch your glory, you need to assimilate all your logistics, troops and wits. Boom Beach is the epitome of strategy-driven combat games, which is highly expected from Supercell. Given my terrific experience with Clash of Clans, I was justifiably anxious and elated with the advent of Boom Beach, and to my utter happiness, I found that the developers have done some commendable work to enable players hone their military skills, channelize resources, optimize all chances and storm the enemy’s den. Your entire battle is against a sinister Blackguard, who is the enfant terrible of the game.

Training your troops to conquer both the multiplayer and single player beaches is important. But first, you need total synchronization in training. That’s what sets your game-play rolling. It helps you to win resources and trophies. The main combat occurs in a beautiful, unexplored archipelago. Here, players fight for each new island, pristine beaches and then liberate enslaved islanders from the clutches of their intolerant masters. This part sets the next course of the game’s progress. You’ll find that there are ample reasons for all the cannon ball shots and shelling on every side. It’s then that you’ve to devise your strategy.

Boom Beach Tricks

In order to be exultant in every stage, you need to mix and match both your offensive and defensive strategies. The former entails its specially geared troops with special powers and abilities. They arrive on different and power-driven Gunboats. Your defensive tactics depend on your base layouts solely. You need to choose your position and base layout pertaining to the strategic units like HQ and defensive buildings. You need to place them in the correct place and engineering symmetry. Your first aim should be to defend your HQ. It’s equally vital as shelling and devastating enemy headquarters. You might find this as some sort of a payback in your perspective. You salvage some blood, some pride and obtain a lot of rewards. That’s pretty cool, huh?

It’s an imperative to destroy enemy headquarters and win battles. The same discipline and strategy applies to your foes as well, so be careful about that. You need to strike before they do and strike hard. If your enemy destroys your HQ, you will be shocked to find that it reduces to rubble all that stood close to the HQ. But with timing and Intel gathering, you can surely take lead.

A large section of the defensive structures must overlap or at least blanket the primary edifice. This is the frontal rule of protection. You also need to fortify the non-defensive structures as well. The Gold storage, Sawmill and numerous other blocks come under this domain. Although they are pretty fruitless and inconsequential as far as your base fortification is concerned, you can’t negate their protection. You also need to underline and demarcate proper spacing between two adjacent structures. You need to know that if they are closely built and cling on to one another, an artillery shell can blow them up in a minute. The best way is to place them on the right. You can also use the new boom beach hack apk to sail across all these phases and obtain unlimited resources to call your shots.

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